Mobile Phone & Sleep-Why You Should Not Sleep with Your Cell phones?

Mobile phones, tablets or iPods- they are order of the day and are being used globally. They are more commonly used by young generation of ours for late night texting, chatting or calling to their friends. These days, some professionals use them for emailing or doing any other office work. The whole idea is that if you continue using them in the same fashion, they are likely to affect your sleep.  You may end up getting less sleep; you may wake up in between with a beep, or may not find yourself being able to return to sleep. When you don’t sleep enough for several nights, it may finally convert into insomnia.

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Over the years, many newspapers, magazines or even TV channels have been discussing about the link of mobile phones with sleep. According to survey from UK communications regulator Ofcom, 8 out of 10 people keep their mobile phones in the nighttime, while half of them use it as an alarm clock. If you are keeping your gadget at bedside, this habit of yours may actually ruin your sound sleep during the night.

Why not to use or keep mobile phones beside bed? It is simply because the bright light that emits from our handset screens, tablets or even e-readers may prevent us from having a decent night’s sleep. That blue light from your phone comes out as you get a message, call or email and it eventually signals that it is time to wake up. Most times you get up especially when you are in the stage of light sleep at night.  Radiation from your device also delays or reduces sleep and may result what we call ‘insomnia. The fact if you wake up with mobile phone ringing next to you, you are not likely to return to sleep. So be careful.

How to Get Rid of Mobile Phone-Induced Insomnia?

To put it rightly, you get out of this habit of sleeping with your gadget to avoid sleep disturbance in between. Take up regular exercises, do yoga, try only healthy foods and control stress.  Make sure you follow a fixed routine of sleeping and getting up on the same time each, avoid alcohol and smoking and do away with late night exercises or foods. Also, use some quality pillows, beddings and mattresses to ensure better sleep during the night. You can also use herbal tea or warm bath to achieve deeper sleep.

What about Xanax Pills?

Xanax Pills

Xanax tablets should be taken as a last option when other remedies don’t seem to work out for you. This is a viable benzodiazepine with alprazolam, which treats insomnia in minutes. However, this drug is addictive and should not be taken for a longer period. At the same time, it should be avoided by children below 18 years or women under pregnancy. Before you decide on this handy medication for sleep, make sure you consult a qualified doctor and discuss everything in detail and understand everything about it.'

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