Major Challenges of Sleep Disorders in Men and Women

Are you living with sleep disorder? Well, we have different kinds of sleep troubles ranging from chronic to acute insomnia.  For some, sleeping trouble is a temporary condition, while for others, it is a regular phenomenon.  It poses a big challenge or difficulty in our lives. So, it is different in case of each and every person-whether men and women. There are several problems when you suffer from the difficulty sleeping or staying asleep at the night. You are likely to face both short term and long term health consequences of sleep disorders or otherwise insomnia.

Mild Insomnia

Mild Insomnia

Before we understand health consequences of insomnia, let us understand its causes.  Too much noise, too hot or warm temperature, change in shift work, jet leg, emotional breakup, anxiety or the consumption of alcohol or drugs are common causes for this condition. This type of insomnia is usually mild and does not harm you in greater way. Compared to severe type of insomnia, it is easier to treat with some simple lifestyle changes or just good sleep habits, which may include:

  • Sleep and wake up at the fixed time to stay healthy
  • Avoid drugs and substances such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
  • Never eat heavily or do exercises within 2 hours of your bedtime
  • Use quality mattresses, pillow and beddings to sleep well at night
  • Exercise every day for about 30 to 40 minutes early in the morning
  • Make sure your room is dark, quite and cool with the right temperature

Acute Insomnia

Acute Insomnia

Acute sleep disorders or chronic loss of sleep is often the result of depression, stress, chronic body pains, sleep apnea and several other conditions. There are many problems with this type of sleep disorder.  It may result in memory loss, loss of concentration, headache, fatigue, drowsiness and accidents or fall at workplace. Eventually, this all affects your lifestyle including your relationship, work, performance and your mental and physical health.

Now, is acute insomnia curable? Any person who experiences sleeping difficulty must know the pain it gives in his or her life. When this malady hits you, immediately seek the treatments available to overcome this condition.  Make sure you adjust your lifestyle to a healthy routine and, if need be,  take some medications such as ambien tablets, which contain zolpidem, an active ingredient for curing sleeplessness approved by FDA, in the USA.

Ambien tablets have long been there on the market. Needless to say, they have already proven to be safe and effective insomnia medications, although some people might experience some side effects post their consumption.  These medicines are relatively safe and help people to fall or stay asleep without causing any major side effects. To know more about these drugs, you can go and talk to your doctor regarding their pros and cons on your health.'

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