Seven Home Remedies for Sleepless Nights

Contrary to what many people think, sleep deprivation is worse than hunger. It is considered as a torture by Human Rights activists. In many countries, the law enforcement agencies use it to extract truth from hard core criminals. All of us face sleepless nights at some time in our lives. We try to sleep but keep tossing in bed without any results. Before you see your family physician for sleeplessness, here read more

Long Term Unemployment & Its Impact on Health & Sleep

According to research, employees who lose their job are twice likely to experience certain mental and physical conditions. People unemployed since a long time are likely to suffer from physical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Mentally, they are likely to get into depression, stress, anger and irritation.  The lack read more

Modern Sleeping Pills for Insomnia in Elderly People

Age is one of the big factors leading to sleep problems in men and women around the world. Although insomnia is experienced by some young adults, it is more common among older adults. As we age, our immune system, heart health and brain functions tend to become weak or less active. We are more prone to anxiety, worry, stress and depression. The result is sleeplessness. Thankfully, there are some effective read more

Major Challenges of Sleep Disorders in Men and Women

Are you living with sleep disorder? Well, we have different kinds of sleep troubles ranging from chronic to acute insomnia.  For some, sleeping trouble is a temporary condition, while for others, it is a regular phenomenon.  It poses a big challenge or difficulty in our lives. So, it is different in case of each and every person-whether men and women. There read more

Mobile Phone & Sleep-Why You Should Not Sleep with Your Cell phones?

Mobile phones, tablets or iPods- they are order of the day and are being used globally. They are more commonly used by young generation of ours for late night texting, chatting or calling to their friends. These days, some professionals use them for emailing or doing any other office work. The whole idea is that if you continue using them in the same read more